Saratoga Emergency Physicians, P.C. (SEP) is committed to the promotion and maintenance of the public’s health and well being.  Through its medical services, SEP recognizes its responsibility to intervene in the acute emergency with a human response, and with high standards of medical care.


As a hospital-based provider of episodic Urgent and Emergent care, SEP recognizes the value of attracting practitioners of the highest caliber. SEP provides a professional environment for each of its members and employees to make use of their skills and interests in the pursuit of satisfying careers. This goal is pursued through the establishment of democratic processes and mutual cooperation. It is our belief that policies and practices which are respectful of the social, emotional and physiologic needs of its members will serve to stimulate professional interest and growth, prolong careers, and ultimately, serve those who turn to us for their medical care.


  • SEP was incorporated in 1989, as a professional corporation composed of physicians committed to providing emergency medical care.
  • That same year SEP began its operation as a fee-for-service emergency medicine group at Saratoga Hospital and Nursing Home.
  • In 1993, SEP expanded its practice to include the Emergency Department at St. Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam, NY.  St. Mary’s was staffed for eleven years until the group elected to leave that site.
  • In 1997, SEP began providing coverage in the Emergency Department at Nathan Littauer Hospital in Gloversville, NY.  Later that year, the group initiated an inpatient “hospitalist” program called Saratoga Inpatient Physicians (SIP) at Saratoga Hospital.
  • During 1998, SEP began staffing an urgent care center in cooperation with Saratoga Hospital in the Saratoga Springs area.
  • In January of 2005, SEP opened an independently owned site, Urgent Care of Southern Saratoga in Clifton Park, NY.
  • In 2006, SEP began doing the pre-surgical H&P’s for podiatric and dental services at the Saratoga Surgical Center.
  • In April of 2007, SEP, in collaboration with Saratoga Hospital, opened a third Urgent Care Center in Malta, NY.
  • Also in 2007, SEP brought Intensivists on board in order to provide most of the night intensive care coverage at Saratoga Hospital, and the practice took over the medical direction of the Child Advocacy Center at the Saratoga Center for the Family and began training Nurse Practitioners to become Pediatric Forensic Examiners.
  • In February of 2008, in collaboration with Saratoga Hospital, SEP formed a primary care practice called Saratoga Family Physicians (SFP) to improve access of care and provide a safety net for the primary care physicians to practice in today’s environment.
  • In June of 2008, SEP started providing night shift in-patient coverage at Saratoga Hospital.
  • SEP/SIP took over clinical management of the Saratoga Race Course Backstretch Clinic in May of 2010.
  • As of January 2011 the collaboration with Saratoga Hospital with respect to Saratoga Family Physicians was dissolved and SEP stepped away from this practice.
  • At the end of November 2013, SEP closed Urgent Care of Southern Saratoga.
  • In June 2014, SEP initiated Adirondack Urgent Care in Queensbury, NY.
  • In December 2014, the SIP Hospitalist service transitioned to becoming Hospital Employees. SEP continued to maintain administrative over site until March 2017.

The group consists of career-oriented physicians and their supervised physician assistants and nurse practitioners. All physician members belong to the active medical staff at their primary hospital and all make valuable contributions to the hospital through medical staff activities.  Additionally, physician members provide medical leadership for local EMS organizations, and contribute their efforts to community organizations outside of the medical field.  SEP sponsors many local civic and charitable events.